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Donna Latin

Certified Comprehensive Personal & Business Coach

Founder & Owner, LTC Coaching & Consulting

Leaping Through Change

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+1 215-348-1744 or +41 79 835 2696

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“Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.”

-- Glenda Cloud

Just a few notes from clients who took the next step and contacted us:

“Donna provides lengthy listening and puts my thinking and my feeling back on track.  She extracts the ideas I would have gotten to after hours of contemplation, in a few minutes.  She can deliver your own suggestions right back to you, as if she were an emotional and intellectual editor.  Donna shows you how to organize your goals and dreams. She teaches you how to trim the stuff that we put in our own way; the thoughts and fears that stand like barricades in front of action.”

--Kathe S., Philadelphia, PA

"I was initially leery of the whole coaching "thing," but Donna quickly set me at ease.  It was clear in short order what a value add she would be to me and my organization.  She has proven absolutely invaluable to me on my journey as a leader and manager.  She has coaxed, prodded and pulled more from me than I ever thought was possible.  Her clarity of thought helps me to see through the fog and allow me to bring my vision into the world of reality.   Thanks to Donna's coaching, I see growth, both as an individual and in my organization.  That is a powerful leap.”

--William J. Gallagher, M.D. | President & Founder | SPARK THE WAVE--

“Donna has been an asset to me and my feelings about my art work. I have always been full of self doubt and fear when it comes to my work. Donna taught me not to fear it, but use my feelings as a guide to who my perfect clients are, my perfect project will be, and how to feel confident in myself and my talents. Because of my coaching with her, I have been able to take my business international and feel so proud of my work. Her dedication was never wavering and she has been one of my best champions!”

--Anne K.. | Basel, Switzerland