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Leaping Through Change Group Coaching

We’ll convene twice a month via telephone, or in-person, you and
just a few others. 

It will be a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and other
business people, looking to grow their incomes and their prosperity. 
We’ll set an agenda, map out a strategy and get down to business.

We’ll determine what roadblocks are in your way -- and with this
group format, some issues may come up that you didn’t even
realize affected you.  Then, along with your fellow group members,
we will identify real solutions.

This will be an exciting, eye opening experience filled with personal revelations and growth potential.

As with any ongoing relationship, it’s critical that we are a good fit. That’s why, we’ll talk, we’ll listen to each other, and we’ll discuss the next steps, which could include a possible working relationship dedicated to the growth of you and your business.

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“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in ever difficulty.”

-- Winston Churchill