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The Perfect Intro To Coaching : Goal Setting Workshops

Looking to learn more about what coaching is but not quite sure you want to commit to a long term relationship?  A goal setting workshop is the place for you.

There’s a well-defined beginning and end, and it’s an easy, bite-size way
to see the amazing life and career-altering benefits of coaching--
without committing to hiring a coach long-term

You’ll discover how easy it is to set achievable, realistic goals. 
More importantly, you’ll learn how to actually attain those goals
in a way that’s free of stress and overwhelm.

You’ll learn how to see what’s worked for you in the past to determine
what will work in the future.  And for the things that haven’t worked-- we’ll figure out why and set about to change the outcome.

By the end of this workshop, you may be so inspired that you are ready to work with a business coach to continue your momentum.  In fact, many people finishing the Goals Workshop have felt this same way.  When they took that next step and enlisted ongoing support from LTC Coaching, they were amazed at their rapid business acceleration.  You will be too!

As with any ongoing relationship, it’s critical that we are a good fit. That’s why, we’ll talk, we’ll listen to each other, and we’ll discuss the next steps, which could include a possible working relationship dedicated to the growth of you and your business.

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“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself”

-- Chinese proverb