How My Personal and Professional Discoveries Can
Help to Rekindle the Spark in Your Business

I’m Donna Latin, Founder of LTC Coaching & Consulting. Working in the corporate settings of the USA, Switzerland, Belgium, the UK and others, I developed skills in communications & consulting and knowledge in internal organizational efficiencies. I learned a lot about how various businesses work, and how to make each of them succeed further-- by focusing on the bottom line for the corporation.

Although I was successful in my consulting career (and had a lot of fun!), I found the thing I most enjoyed was helping the individuals within the organization to embrace change. So after a return to the USA in 2006, I became a Certified Comprehensive Coach, and now my work is based on helping you ignite the passion in your business life, and turn it into a future that’s brighter than you ever thought possible.

I believe YOU are the main
ingredient of your success

Take a look around you. You are where you are because of a series
of decisions that YOU made, both successful and unsuccessful.
Similarly, you’ll get to where you want to be based on another series
of decisions.

Whether you’re the owner of a small business or an executive in
a large company, you will learn how to truly tap your greatest resource
(yourself!).  It’s my desire, in fact,
my role as a coach, to help you to discover
your own answers
within yourself

And when you do, some major opportunities for growth and success will start to reveal themselves. I help you look at problems as challenges, from angles that are completely new to you. Together we’ll grab inspiration from a variety of sources, so you can develop bold goals and nurture exciting ideas for yourself and your business. Before you know it, you’ll begin leaping through change-- growing personally and professionally, like never before.

This is what’s at the core of my Leaping Through Change coaching process, to help you make changes and grow your success.  To reveal to you your own confidence, your own business savvy, so you and your company can grow at a much faster pace.

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“Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being.  Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.”

-- Albert Schweitzer