You Decide the Style of Coaching That Suits Your Needs

I am often asked about the focus of my Leaping Through Change coaching.

What sets my coaching apart is that my goal is always to help clients see and understand their choices.  Choices that will help them make decisions to move forward

From my perspective, there are 3 “C”s in Coaching:


Choice is what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.
In fact, everything in life is about choices. Your ability to make the
right choices will allow you to take back control of your life and your
business. Then, you’ll be ready to see change as the growth
opportunity it really is!

With Leaping Through Change coaching, we’ll help you identify,
distinguish and act on the right
choices, that will help you start taking
control of your business and making the lasting change in your life
you’ve been looking for!  See how it all connects?

Here are some of the ways this can happen:

  1. One-on-One Personal Coaching

  2. Organizational “Team” Coaching

  3. Group Coaching via teleclass or in-person

  4. Goal Setting Workshops

  5. Contact us for your free initial consultation

Epictetus, a Greek philosopher, once said :

“What concerns me is not the way things are,
but rather the way people think things are.”

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